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Our Team and Core Values

Core Values


Honesty:  We will always be honest, transparent and critical in evaluating everything with thoughtfulness. This also speaks to our loyalty in relationships

Learning: learning, not for the sake of accumulating knowledge, accolades, or distinction, but in the pursuit of adding value and significance in the lives of our clients and those around us. Continually learning and implementing will allow us to constantly add value, never become complacent, and be growth orientated. 

Communication: We believe quality of relationships is brought forth by the quality of clear communication. We encourage the voicing of thoughts for celebrations, concerns, frustrations, and all ideas freely and often to avoid future conflict and to always bring forth new insights and perspectives.

Humility: having the mindset to not claim ownership or absolute knowledge about things.  This is also the belief we always have lessons to learn, and we are never done or all-knowing 

Grit : always having passion and perseverance towards a goal: we will strive to always achieve something despite difficulty or discouragement with passion and vigor  

Authenticity: to be genuine, authentic, vulnerable. In turn, no one will judge.  

Security:  We believe in providing an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, heard and protected. We are also providing future and present financial security to those we serve.