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Invest in Yourself! Want To Own Your Future? You're Worth the Effort Live your best life!
Empowering Your Financial Journey: Unleash Your Ambition, Fearlessly<br/>

Empowering Your Financial Journey: Unleash Your Ambition, Fearlessly

You're doing it - building an exceptional career, growing a thriving business, making your mark. But something's missing. The money's there, but not the freedom or fulfillment you crave. Now, it's time to live the life you truly deserve.

At Wilcox Financial, we believe you can have it all on your terms. We're your motivating partner, rallying ambitious women like you to take purposeful action and invest wholeheartedly in yourselves. No more waiting for "one day." Together, we cultivate the mindset tools and financial strategies to help you soar - scaling your business, elevating your career, mastering your money, and forging balance.

This is a judgment-free space to address your doubts, set boundaries, and learn to confidently delegate. Our nurturing guidance equips you with resilience and practical strategies for sustained growth and freedom. We'll ensure you not only survive but thrive while boldly chasing your biggest ambitions.

Put your money where your goals are.

About Us

<strong>About Us</strong>

Our ethos is simple - build extraordinary relationships and equip you with the resources to live wealthier on your terms. Exceptional service isn't just a promise—it's our practice. We dedicate ourselves to being that empowering force in your journey, ensuring every interaction fuels your confidence, conviction and ability to fearlessly invest in yourself.

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Corporate Programs

<strong>Corporate Programs</strong>

Let us be a Keynote Speaker, Panelist, or Present to your organization with a custom  presentation your audience will love!

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Individual Planning

<strong>Individual Planning</strong>

Whether you're taking the first step on your financial path, strategizing for a comfortable retirement, or aiming to create a meaningful legacy, we stand by you as your ally. Together, we'll discover strategies that truly serve your best interests and achieve the milestones that matter most to you.

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Client Centered Approach for Empowered Women

Every individual has a unique financial journey, but women, in particular, face distinct challenges and opportunities. Our focus goes beyond mere numbers; it's about understanding the life stories, aspirations, and values that drive each woman who walks through our doors.

Wealth is more than just money

It’s a feeling. It’s being healthy, happy, and having what you feel you need. It’s a state of abundance.We are on a mission to shift women into a new space of how they think, feel, and use money. How they value themselves, how they create their future and own their life. We want YOU to Live Wealthy: Doing more of what you want, when you want, with who you want! We will help you make it all happen.

What ambitious dream are you ready to make a reality? Let's get you there! Schedule a consultation to begin paving your boldest path yet.

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What about Money or Business Coaching?

PowHERhouse Money

PowHERhouse's mission is to help you re-imagine your life and let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from getting what you want.

As experienced Money & Business Coaches, PowHERhouse has the tools and understanding to help you get untuck and out of your own way. We will unlock your potential and pave the way to creating a business that aligns with your ideal life! 

We offer more than just coaching; we provide a catalyst for change — with the perfect balance of unwavering support, extreme accountability, insightful guidance, and the financial education you need to thrive. Turn to us for not just a conversation, but a life-changing partnership that drives you towards the reality you deserve! 

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