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Wealth Building

Let’s talk about building wealth. Wealth is something that is grown over a long period of time typically. It’s not about handouts, huge bonuses, inheritances, winning the lottery or having it given to you- not that any of these things hurt. #Mindset. The decisions that you make every day is what is most important. Are you consciously thinking about how you are spending, what you are buying? Are you making SMART choices or are you flying by the seat of your pants?

For example- you have a bad day, you are feeling stressed about your bills, you are feeling lonely, you wish you were buying that house you have been thinking of instead of this not so great apartment, your job is sucking and you are not sticking to the fitness routine you promised yourself you would on January 1.

So, you go shopping. You buy some shit that makes you feel better (for now.) You go out to dinner and drinks with some friends. You feel better.

Until your credit card bill comes.

EVERYTHING you just did pushed you further from your goals and where your true happiness lies. You now have less money, larger credit card bills, less money saved for a down payment on your future home, more calories in your body and MORE misery.

Guilty. We have all been there.

Building wealth sometimes is about sacrifice. Giving up that TJMaxx run, that latte, that event {that you don't even care about but you want to go anyway even though it’s going to cost you a boatload}.... But it doesn't have to be painful.

Thinking about how much better you are going to feel when you have #moneyinthebank and that feeling of comfort and security can help you overcome those bad days. Visualize yourself in the future having all those things that you are wishing for now. It’s a bad day, not a bad life. Building wealth starts with you. It starts with setting money aside and not SPENDING it on impulsive things. To be purposeful.

What are you doing to sabotage future you? It might be big, it might be small- let us help you change that mindset. Call us today.

By: Sarah Blankenship


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