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Wilcox Financial is a boutique Financial Planning firm with a strong focus on working with Women and Couples! Our mission is to empower you to own your financial future through education, while helping you implement strategies so that you can achieve your goals for your life now and down the road.

We strive to maintain the highest standards of client satisfaction. We are committed to results, financial education and accountability. Our goal is to consistently make a positive impact on your future success. We believe in clear communication, transparency, high integrity, and skillful execution.

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Our Executive Team

Nicholle and Sarah pride themselves on being different than your typical financial planners. They build strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and are committed to an incredible level of customer service. The culture of their firm is a blend of laid-back comfort and sophistication.

Conversations with Nicholle and Sarah will feel as easy as meeting with an old friend. You will come away with valuable advice, direction and action steps on how to make a big impact on your financial success.

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Individual Planning

We allow you to gain clarity and results to build your wealth in a practical way, that works for you!

Weather your just getting started, planning for retirement or looking to leave a lasting legacy we will work together as your partner in figuring out solutions that are in your best interest and meet the goals important to you. 

You've worked too hard for your money to not have a plan for it. 

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Corporate Programs

Let us be a Keynote Speaker, Panelist, or Present to your organization with a custom tailored presentation your audience will LOVE!

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