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Invest in Yourself! Want To Own Your Future? You're Worth It! Ready to live your best life?

Put your money where your goals are

<span>Put your money where your goals are</span>

Women come to us because they want more than just a budget or a retirement plan

  • Transform your relationship with money
  • Get excited about learning the power of money
  • Feel confident

Feel the impact of a mindset shift and develop

  • Discipline
  • Wealth
  • Focus

Wealth is more than just money.

It’s a feeling. It’s being healthy, happy, and having what you feel you need. It’s a state of abundance. We are on a mission to shift women into a new space of how they think, feel, and use money. How they value themselves, how they create their future and own their life. 

We want YOU to Live Wealthy: Doing more of what you want, when you want, with who you want! 

We will help you make it all happen.

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Wilcox Financial was established to create a community of women inspired to learn and take ownership of their financial freedom.

Our team takes the time to get to know each client and build plans that are unique to their goals. We want women to be excited to have conversations with us about their dreams and be completely engaged knowing they are owning the future and are in control of it!

We strive to maintain the highest standards of client satisfaction. We are committed to results, high level service and accountability. 

Check out our Best Selling Book: Money Bitch: A no BS guide for smart women who want to own their financial future!&#160;

Check out our Best Selling Book: Money Bitch: A no BS guide for smart women who want to own their financial future! 

Whether you're just starting out, in the C-suite or entrepreneur this book is for you! This is a written as a fun guide through story telling to help you get started achieving the security and goals you want and deserve. With Money Bitch, you'll feel like you are listening to your best friend who is also a financial expert. This book has helped thousands of women start asking the right questions so they can gain confidence, clarity and control over their money! And now it can help you!

Buy the book now!
About Us

About Us

We pride ourselves in being different than your typical financial planners. We build strong lasting relationships with clients & are committed to an incredible level of customer service.

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Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Let us be a Keynote Speaker, Panelist, or Present to your organization with a custom tailored presentation your audience will love!

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Individual Planning

Individual Planning

Weather your just getting started, planning for retirement or looking to leave a lasting legacy we will work together as your partner in figuring out solutions that are in your best interest and meet the goals important to you.

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